ELGAG US LLC reserves the right to decline an order in the event that the order does not

receive express verification or approval from the Client’s bank.

Once an order is placed for available items no changes can be made to that order. Orders

placed separately will be shipped separately.

ELGAG US LLC reserves the right to delay a shipment if the order is not able to be

shipped for reasons beyond control. Please note that during promotions and sales there

may be delays in immediate shipping.

It is at the sole discretion of ELGAG US LLC to reserve the right to decline to process an

order and/or offer service to anyone at any time.


ELGAG US LLC has created and published the web site V73.US with the mission to offer

a service exclusively for its own Clients.

The products on sale on the web site V73.US are destined to the Final Customer. By

“Final Customer”, ELGAG US LLC intends person or persons who do not operate their

own entrepreneurial nor professional activity that may include but not be limited to the re-

sale of merchandise purchased at V73.IT.

Therefore, ELGAG US LLC invites Users who may not be considered a “Final Customer”

to refrain both from attempting to establish business relations with V73.US nor to use

accounts of third parties to forward purchase orders relative to the merchandise on sale.

In regard to the commercial policy described above, ELGAG US LLC reserves the right to

not process orders from persons that are not the Final Customer and any other orders that

are not in conformity with the said commercial policies.


To place orders at V73.US Clients must:

- Be an individual as defined as a “Final Customer”

- Be 18 years or older.

- Be eligible and competent to enter legally binding contracts.

- Have a valid POP e-mail address.

- Have a valid Credit Card: Visa, American Express, MasterCard or a Verified Paypal

Account or a Bank account


ELGAG US LLC publishes information on its web site V73.US to provide a service to

Users, but declines every responsibility of the possibility of eventual technical inaccuracy

and/or typographical errors. Once brought to attention ELGAG US LLC will execute

immediate correction.

ELGAG US LLC also reserves the right to make corrections and changes to the web site

when necessary without giving prior notice.

ELGAG US LLC does not offer any guaranty that the information published on its own web

site, is in conformity with the laws of the User’s competent jurisdiction.

ELGAG US LLC web site V73.IUS is a protected site according to international Internet

standards which, if used correctly, Users can be reassured not to encounter viruses.

However, ELGAG US LLC declines any responsibility from eventual problems, damages,

viruses or risks that the User may incur during the misuse of the web site and declines any

responsibility from eventual faulty operations of the web site due to the deactivation of

“cookies” in the User's browser.

Users must accept the terms and conditions of this legal notice, and must be sure to visit

these pages periodically for updates, changes and corrections.

ELGAG US LLC reserves the right to modify the terms and the conditions contained in this

legal note when it is necessary without giving prior notice.