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V73.it wishes to guarantee complete satisfaction of its Clients, by offering them the possibility to return one or more items and receive a refund equal to the price of the returned items. The return must necessarily take place at the expense and under the responsibility of the Customer within 30 days following delivery and only on the condition that returned items result intact and unused.


In order to return one or more items to Miriade.com, the Customer must respect some mandatory conditions:

The Items that have any sign of use or wear will not be accepted and will be returned to the client.
The items need to be returned under the same conditions in which they were shipped to the customer and must be wrapped and packed properly.
All the other labels of the item, both in tissue and pending, must never be removed from the article.
The goods to be returned must be handed over only to Courier within 30 days from the date of delivery.
The customer who wishes to undertake size, colour or item change, of equal or higher amount, must perform "The Return Procedure", see below, and make a new order on the site Galianostore.com.
In view of the failure to comply with the conditions listed above, Miriade.com reserves the right not to accept the goods delivered and to return them to the Customer at the expense of the latter.


The Customer is supposed to follow the instructions listed on the form attached to the parcel or the instructions for returns and refunds placed inside the parcel. The parcel shall be sent to the following address: Miriade S.p.A. Returns Department – Interporto lotto C A19-A20-A21 80035 Nola (NA) – phone number +39 0818266701

Return handling options:

PICK UP AT YOUR DOMICILE: bookable at the helpline 803.160
From POST OFFICES enabled with parcel inclusive of specific shipping label provided by the seller
From PICKUP POINTS with parcel inclusive of specific shipping label provided by the seller
From LOCKERS with parcel inclusive of specific shipping label provided by the seller
To find enabled post offices and pickup points click on Cerca PuntoPoste
It is possible to ship parcels at qualified post offices or at one of the qualified Puntoposte (list published on the website www.poste.it) or through the house pickup service (Pick-up), which can be scheduled at the helpline 803.160.

The Customer can verify the status of his/her shipments the free electronic identification service Tracking&Tracing by Poste (T&T), available on the website www.poste.it from the working day following the day of acceptance or through the Contact Centre at the number 800.160.000 or through Technological Solutions used by the Customer.

The shipment is at the expense and risk of the Customer: Miriade.com is not responsible for any eventual loss or damage caused by inadequate packaging or delivery delay. Items must be returned in the same packaging as they were received in or in the same type of packaging.

All returned items will be examined by the Miriade.com staff that will verify compliance to the conditions and considerations listed in the return procedure. Miriade.com reserves the right to assess additional charges if they prove necessary to ensure the resale of the returned items. These amounts will be determined after the evaluation of the condition of the returned items and communicated to the Customer.

The Customer is required to utilize exclusively the Crono Reverse shipping label for shipments of returns. It is understood that the following returns will not be accepted, with consequent charge of related fees for the Customers, if sent:

With different documentation from Crono Reverse;

30 days after receiving the goods, for any reason.

In accordance with article 1381 of the Civil Code, the Customer commits to:

shipping items at the qualified post offices or asking for Pick-up service;
packing the parcel respecting the instructions contained in the Shipment Guidelines and the packaging instructions of Crono Reverse;
clearly and correctly indicating the Sender's and the Recipient's addresses on the outer envelope of the parcel;
accompanying every parcel with the specific shipping label, prepared in compliance with the present CGC
The sorting and delivery operations are carried out on the basis of data indicated by the Sender on the shipping label; it is therefore fundamental that the Sender uses the shipping label sent by Miriade.com, completed and correct, including info related to name and surname of the Sender and the Recipient and address of both, inclusive of postcode (and apartment number or floor if needed to locate the point of delivery). The phone number of the Sender is recommended, in order to allow the Customer Care to contact him/her in case of necessity. Poste Italiane guarantee the correct execution of delivery only if the address is complete and correct. The postcode is an indispensable element to guarantee delivery: automatic sorting is based on the video reading of the postcode, which must be correctly indicated on the shipping label. For big cities, divided into postal areas, the specific postcode must be shown, NOT the generic (e.g. 50134 and NOT 50100).

Name and address of both the Sender and the Recipient, inclusive of postcode, also must be correctly indicated on the outer envelope of the parcel, that is on a shipping label firmly glued to it. For further safety, it is recommended to indicate the Sender's and the Recipient's data (and eventually the shipping label number) also on the box. The present info is merely indicative. Only the Customer is accountable for packaging, labelling and packing the parcels handed over to Poste Italiane. The Customer – Sender is anyhow accountable for eventual damages caused by packaging defects, even if not detected at the moment of acceptance.

Poste deliver from Monday to Friday, Saturdays and bank holidays excluded. Poste commits to delivering in accordance with a delivery objective of four working days following the day of shipment, Saturdays and bank holidays excluded, in compliance with Carta dei Servizi Postali, published on the website www.poste.it. For returns sent for acceptance beyond the time limits established by qualified post offices, namely Puntoposte, delivery is deferred to the day after the one of acceptance. Poste reserves the right to modify parcel delivery standards in case of adverse weather conditions, natural calamities, strikes or any other fact or event not attributable to them by giving written notice to the Customer within the working day (Monday to Friday) following the day of the event, without any additional costs and charges. Respect of delivery objectives is also subject to the Sender's respect of weight and dimensions requirements and correct preparation of parcels.

Furthermore, it is possible to return/replace items in Miriade stores. *

*Starting from September 2020


If the return procedure was performed properly, in compliance with all mentioned conditions, the Customer will receive an email of acceptance of occurred return. The reimbursement will usually happen by redirecting the amount due to the processed credit card (if the order was paid by credit card), PayPal account (if the order was paid with PayPal) or wire transfer in the case of bank transfer. A few days could pass between the date of reception of the return and the date of the refund. Refunds are made in the same currency of purchase. Eventual losses caused by financial fluctuations will not be reimbursed.