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V73.it ships in Italy and Worldwide with services Crono Express and Crono International by Poste Italiane forwarder SDA Express Courier. Products branded Valentino can only be shipped to the following countries: geographical Europe, ex USSR countries. Such products absolutely cannot be shipped to Canada and United States.

  • Delivery within 1-2 working days to all the national territory.
  • Home delivery or pickup from one of the roughly 10.000 qualified post offices or Punto Poste
  • Flexible delivery (on Saturdays, in the evening, by appointment, deliver to neighbour, etc.)
  • You can choose amongst many ancillary services to customize your delivery depending on your needs
  • In case of absent recipient, the services guarantee two automatic delivery attempts
  • The dispatch can be then collected at the post office
  • Free storage in a post office in case of absent recipient
  • Customization of delivery with Scegli Tu

Delivery is made, upon Customer's request, to:

  • The recipient's domicile (Home Delivery)
  • A post office with Fermo Posta service or mailbox (Fermo Posta)
  • One of the points of Puntoposte (Collect point and/or Locker)

The list of Post Offices which provide the Fermo Posta service and the list of Puntoposte collet points are available at www.poste.it.

Scegli Tu is the new feature of Poste which offers an alternative delivery model. By following the link provided through the alert with the shipping status, the recipient can choose one of the enabled options: delivery on different date, delivery to another address, delivery to neighbour, pickup from post office, PuntoPoste or PuntoPoste Locker, delivery to safe place, storage for holidays.

Parcel pickup options:

  • HOME DELIVERY : You can track the shipping status at any time with the tracking code that we will send you: type this code in the tab "Search shipments" of the website www.poste.it, or with the email which will directly notify the status of the shipment. The order has been dispatched but you gave the wrong address? You want to amend it for other reasons? You are not available for pickup? No problem: we have the SCEGLI TU service. You can access the service directly from your shipment and you can amend and customize the delivery, you can receive your order where and when you want. To find out how it works click on Scegli Tu. For any further assistance necessities please contact the helpline 803.160.
  • PICKUP POINTS : This is the widespread network of Poste Italiane which includes: qualified Post Offices (over 12.000 all over Italy), businesses (around 3.000) members (e.g. tobacco shops) which offer pickup services and parcel shipments and, for small parcels, also Lockers (around 350) – automated kiosks self-service 24/7 - (come funziona il Locker). To pick up from:
    • Qualified post offices, provide the operator with the code sent by Poste via email
    • PICKUP POINTS, provide the operator with the PIN code (sent by Poste via email)
    • LOCKER enter the PIN code (sent by Poste via email) on the screen.
    • To find and choose the qualified Post Office and/or Punto Poste where you want to receive the parcel, click on Cerca PuntoPoste

Delivery time

Delivery is made indicatively within 1-2 working days from dispatch to most of Italian locations. Delivery times vary depending on the location of destination of the shipment and these can be verified in the specific section of the website www.poste.it and/or at the helpline 800.160.000. Fermoposta shipments are available also on Saturdays, during the opening hours of the post offices. Please check qualified post offices with Fermoposta service and the locations and opening hours of Lockers and Pickup Points of Rete PuntoPoste network.

Delivery attempts

In case of absent recipient, the service guarantees two automatic delivery attempts. In case of non-delivery at the first attempt, the forwarder provides a notice to inform the recipient that a second delivery will be attempted the following working day. In case of absent recipient also at the second attempt, the forwarder will leave in the mailbox a notice with the references of the post office where the recipient will have the possibility to pick up the parcel in the following 10 working days, Saturday included.


Crono International offers the possibility to get to over 200 countries with the support of 700.000 post offices abroad for pickup of shipments in case of absent recipient.

Delivery time

Crono International delivery can be made upon request to the domicile of the recipient or to the foreign post office through Fermoposta service or to mailbox in the countries which are provided with the service.

Europe: 3 working days, after the day of dispatch (for some postcodes of Norway and Portugal 3-5 working days after the day of dispatch).

Rest of the world: 3-5 working days after the day of dispatch (except customs formalities).

Delivery attempts

In case of absent recipient, the service guarantees one/two delivery attempts, depending on the Country of destination. Delivery will be made anyhow on the terms of the postal operator of the destination, which also regulates hypotheses of non-delivery and release. In case of absent recipient, the forwarder leaves in the mailbox of the recipient a notice of non-delivery including date and time of the delivery attempt, office where the parcel is stored in and pickup deadline. Non-delivered parcels are stored for free by the foreign post offices for on average 15 days (Saturdays and public holidays included). The number of delivery attempts for each country is provided for in the Country Sheets published on the website www.poste.it or can be requested at the customer care helpline 800.160.000.


You can check the delivery status anytime by using the tracking service. After the order dispatch you will receive a confirmation message and/or email with your tracking code for checking and/or reschedule the shipment. Alternatively, you can verify the delivery status in real time in the section of the side "My Account". Smart Alert informs you of the shipment status by sending a message, via SMS and/or email.